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Just In – The new rugged T-Sport LSV
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ECARCO is proud to announce the T-Sport LSV 2015. It’s ACG’s first purpose-built neighborhood electric vehicle. Powered by a 17.5 HP brushless AC motor, utilizing a Sevcon computerized controller, this vehicle provides unparalleled performance, reliability and safety. It also includes on-board charging, independent front suspension with disc brakes and a host of other standard and safety features. This fully-dedicated LSV is billed as "The World’s Best LSV".

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11 Passenger ETV

Take advantage of ECARCO’s final sale on the 11 Passenger Shuttle! Click here for details.



CA Zero-Emissions Action Plan – Highlighted Strategies and Actions:

  • Take necessary steps to ensure that at least 10% of the state’s light-duty vehicle purchases are ZEVs (Zero-Emission Vehicles) by the year 2015 and that at least 25% are ZEVs by the year 2020

  • Develop and advance a statewide EV Fleet User’s Forum and/or expand existing forums to support the efforts of companies and governments to integrate EVs into their fleets.

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Schedule a Demo - Scheduled Demo Days are in progress at various universities, municipalities and other locations. Please call in advance to schedule a demo/test drive to ensure that your preferred model vehicle is in the showroom and ready to roll!

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