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About Us

The Electric Car Company of Long Beach, LLC is a dealer of a full array of electric vehicles ranging from NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) to Utility, Industrial, and Essential Service Vehicles. Whatever your EV needs, we offer only the finest products and commit to having the latest technology for our customers.


Make your EVision a reality with The Electric Car Company of Long Beach!
Finding the best in any product or service that relates to electric vehicles is our passion and expertise.  As a result we spend a good deal of time researching what’s best on the market and that’s what you’ll find within our product offering.

Here at ECARCO, we don’t sell EVs as an after-thought. We are at the cutting edge of innovation and technology within a wide range of markets and applications. Coupled with superior customer service and satisfaction, ECARCO is the best EV provider in the market!

Utility & Specialty Vehicles

Passenger Models

June 2016 - Introducing the MOKE Electric Vehicle; Our Top-Rated Service; Solar Car Ports; Trade-In, Trade-Up Or Sell Us Your EV; 11 Passenger Shuttle

May 2016 - The Next Step in ECARCO's Evolution Solar Powering America

April 2016 - Electric Vehicles for commercial, industrial or personal use; eFLEETs Technology Corp.; All Electric T-Sport; Service & Repair; Trade in your used EV for an upgrade!

Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday: 10am – 5pm

Schedule a Demo - Scheduled Demo Days are in progress at various universities, municipalities and other locations. Please call in advance to schedule a demo/test drive to ensure that your preferred model vehicle is in the showroom and ready to roll!


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