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The Electric Car Company of Long Beach has a full array of electric vehicles that have versatility, options and configurations to meet several applications in multiple markets. From street-legal (NEV/LSV) transportation to industrial, utility, and essential services, we offer the finest vehicles to meet your needs and keep the high standards of zero-emissions, cost-effectiveness, low-maintenance and high performance.

Several standard features and additional options are available to customize your vehicle, including high capacity batteries, programmable controllers, cargo boxes and enclosures, towing packages, bed alternatives & side railings, dump boxes, hydraulic lifts, radio/cd systems, paint colors and so much more.

We provide working solutions in markets such as:

Municipalities, Police & Security

Within these markets and applications, it’s vitally important to have vehicles that are high performance, cost-effective, and low maintenance. We offer just the right vehicles for jobs such as parking enforcement, traffic control, patrol and security including transportation and utility applications. The versatility and strength in our EVs is highly advanced and allows professionals to have complete control of their environment in potentially challenging situations.

Municipalities, Police and Security Electric Vehicles
Municipalities, Police and Security Electric Vehicles
Municipalities, Police and Security Electric Vehicles
(45 mph/ 65+ miles per charge)
Columbia Summit SUV/NEV
(45 mph/ 65+ miles per charge)

Warehousing & Distribution

Efficiency, low-maintenance, and durability are necessary in industrial and utility vehicles used within these markets and applications. We carry a solid variety of industrial and utility EVs that can be used for carrying tools, transferring equipment, heavy-lifting and much more along with the benefits of noise-reduction and zero emissions!

Warehousing and Distribution Vehicles - Columbia Stockchaser
Warehousing and Distribution Vehicles - Columbia Burden Carrier
Warehousing and Distribution Vehicles - Columbia Scout
Columbia Stockchaser
Columbia Burden Carrier
Columbia Scout

Hotels/Resorts & Property Management

There’s a wide range of applications within these markets to satisfy from customer/guest transportation to landscaping, ground maintenance and more. We cover all of these applications with our specialty ETVs including passenger shuttles that carry anywhere from 4-15 passengers at a time, and small and large utility vehicles for any size of daily maintenance task.

Hotels/Resorts & Property Management - Canadian EV Might-E-Truck
Hotels/Resorts & Property Management - ETV Shuttle Bus
Hotels/Resorts & Property Management - Columbia WheelChair
Canadian EV Might-E-Truck
ETV Shuttle Bus
Columbia WheelChair
Access Shuttle

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Eco-friendly solutions are on the rise in schools, colleges, and universities now more than ever. With school campuses being so large, transportation is always needed whether it’s for students, faculty, or maintenance employees. In addition, schools that offer campus tours would find our ETV shuttles a tremendous asset to include in the on-campus fleet. Any of our utility and essential service vehicles would be of use in keeping up with school maintenance as well. Whatever the need is, we can supply an eco-friendly solution that will do the job safely and efficiently.

Schools, Colleges & Universities - Firefly
Schools, Colleges & Universities - Columbia MegaVan
Schools, Colleges & Universities - Columbia Summit NEV
Columbia MegaVan
Columbia Summit NEV

Groundskeeping, Maintenance & Facility

Our industrial lines of EVs are great for projects that land on the larger scale. These vehicles can be used for building, carrying, lifting, dumping, and more. They operate at high-performance levels with power and durability to meet the needs of the applications and are pleasantly quiet and pollution-free at the same time. In large facilities or on large acres of land, these EVs prove to be reliable, efficient, and a low cost solution for all of necessary back and forth driving.

Groundskeeping, Maintenance & Facility - Canadian EV Might-E-Truck
Groundskeeping, Maintenance & Facility - Columbia Dump Kit
Groundskeeping, Maintenance & Facility - Columbia Mega Cargo Bed
Canadian EV Might-E-Truck
Columbia Dump Kit
Columbia Mega Cargo Bed

Federal Government, Military Bases & National Parks

In these high-profile/high-maintenance facilities, our EVs will show maximum benefits in cost-savings and efficiency with the added benefit of the “Going Green” progression. These fully-customizable vehicles can be used for transporting key personnel, utility and maintenance of facilities, landscaping and grounds maintenance, military transportation and more, with all of the added features included for specific needs.

Federal Government, Military Bases & National Parks - Columbia Mega Tilt
Federal Government, Military Bases & National Parks - Columbia Summit NEV
Federal Government, Military Bases & National Parks - Firefly
Columbia Mega Tilt
Columbia Summit NEV

Airports & Transportation/Cargo & Security

At airports, especially large ones, transportation is in high-demand. To help create a less polluted environment in these crowded places, our EVs would be a perfect fit. The plane maintenance crew, cleaning staff, luggage transport, security personnel, parking enforcement and more will all find a great use in these vehicles.

Airports & Transportation/Cargo & Security - Firefly
Airports & Transportation/Cargo & Security - Columbia Electric Tram
Airports & Transportation/Cargo & Security - Columbia Burden Carrier
Columbia Electric Tram
Columbia Burden Carrier

Small Package/Local Delivery

Our one-of-a-kind Firefly is built to offer several bed-configurations, including an enclosed van option that could easily be used as a small package delivery truck. It can go up to 45 mph, and would handle a steady paced delivery route with great ease.

Small Package/Local Delivery

Personal Use

Whether it’s a breezy cruise around your neighborhood, a trip to the local market, transportation on the golf course or any other local leisurely traveling, our golf-carts and small ETVs are perfect for the occasions. Get around your neighborhood or property with these innovative and practical NEV/LSV styles.

Personal Use Vehicle - ACG Hummer
Personal Use Vehicle - ACG Hummer
Personal Use Vehicle - R-E-V 2N1 Flip/Cargo Seat


June 2016 - Introducing the MOKE Electric Vehicle; Our Top-Rated Service; Solar Car Ports; Trade-In, Trade-Up Or Sell Us Your EV; 11 Passenger Shuttle

May 2016 - The Next Step in ECARCO's Evolution Solar Powering America

April 2016 - Electric Vehicles for commercial, industrial or personal use; eFLEETs Technology Corp.; All Electric T-Sport; Service & Repair; Trade in your used EV for an upgrade!

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