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Electric Transport Vehicle (ETV) is a category of EV that consists of a broad range of vehicles that meet several applications for industrial, utility, and passenger use. Because the vehicles are quiet and produce no exhaust emissions, they are also ideal for enclosed environments such as shopping malls and convention centers. The line-up of Passenger ETVs includes vehicles and shuttles that hold 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, and 15 passengers. The line-up of Industrial/Utility vehicles includes a variety of LSV/NEV and street legal models with strength and durability for heavy-duty applications.

ETV - Passenger Models ETV - Industrial/Utility
ETV - Passenger Models
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ETV - Industrial/Utility
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June 2016 - Introducing the MOKE Electric Vehicle; Our Top-Rated Service; Solar Car Ports; Trade-In, Trade-Up Or Sell Us Your EV; 11 Passenger Shuttle

May 2016 - The Next Step in ECARCO's Evolution Solar Powering America

April 2016 - Electric Vehicles for commercial, industrial or personal use; eFLEETs Technology Corp.; All Electric T-Sport; Service & Repair; Trade in your used EV for an upgrade!

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Schedule a Demo - Scheduled Demo Days are in progress at various universities, municipalities and other locations. Please call in advance to schedule a demo/test drive to ensure that your preferred model vehicle is in the showroom and ready to roll!


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