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Service & Repair

ECARCO has fully launched its new service & repair department and is now offering prompt and reliable service for all of your Electric Vehicle needs. Our in-house mechanics are the best at what they do and can perform full-service maintenance, refurbishing, remanufacturing and upgrades.

If you are interested, please call 562-426-4545 to schedule a free consultation and/or pick-up. We will diagnose your vehicle accurately and correct all issues so that your EV can perform at its maximum efficiency.

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Service & Repair

June 2016 - Introducing the MOKE Electric Vehicle; Our Top-Rated Service; Solar Car Ports; Trade-In, Trade-Up Or Sell Us Your EV; 11 Passenger Shuttle

May 2016 - The Next Step in ECARCO's Evolution Solar Powering America

April 2016 - Electric Vehicles for commercial, industrial or personal use; eFLEETs Technology Corp.; All Electric T-Sport; Service & Repair; Trade in your used EV for an upgrade!

Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday: 10am – 5pm

Schedule a Demo - Scheduled Demo Days are in progress at various universities, municipalities and other locations. Please call in advance to schedule a demo/test drive to ensure that your preferred model vehicle is in the showroom and ready to roll!


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